Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone for the insane amount of support and outreach we've been receiving, it's already shaping up to be one of the most successful festivals Slidell has ever had.
This being said, we would like to happily announce that #StTammanyRocksLocalMusicFest will be taking place on March 17th 2018 - St. Patrick's Day - at Heritage Park. This will be an all day festival, with food and drink vendors available to the public. Mark your calendars, bring your friends and family, and let's fill Heritage Park like it's Woodstock all over again. This is a community event, by the community, for the community. As such, all proceeds will be donated to the Northshore chapter of the Miracle League organization.

St. Tammany Rocks Fest 2018 Pending Line UP


We are proud to announce we have partnered with the Northshore chapter of the Miracle League organization. They help youth with special needs on the Northshore get involved in extra curricular activities such as sports.
ST Tammany Rocks Local Music Fest 2018 Charity Partner.


We are incredibly happy that we will be able to give back to this community, as our kids are the future. Let's keep them on the path to success. It's organizations like these that help our communities grow and prosper.
Thank you for your continued support ladies and gentlemen. Share this, like it, and spam every person you know.
St. Tammany Rocks Local Music Fest is going to be huge!

St. Tammany Rocks Local Music Festival Slidell, Louisiana

Why is St. Tammany Rocks Local Music Festival Slidell, Louisiana so important? Almost every one has been to at least one concert, seems like we all know someone with 10 or more shows under their belt. When you go to concerts like St. Tammany Rocks Local Music Festival Slidell, Louisiana, it’s a completely different experience from watching a youtube video or tv show.  Live concerts give people so much more depth to the musical experience. Festival type events like St. Tammany Rocks Local Music Fest provide people with the chance to see the artists they love in an environment as well as showcasing  other artists you have never heard of before.


Showcasing many musical acts in a Festival type format is a fun and economical way to enjoy your day. Most of all you get to share this with others, and as a result, possibly make new friends. Being social is especially relevant in today's modern world and furthermore, that modern world in which we live today, entertainment has gone mostly digital. Going to a live music show is something completely different. to anything recreational that you will do. Being at a show, where you get to see the music being made in front of you, is something that’s unique. Watching musicians performing their individual parts blend into a song can be inspiring to say the least. So make sure to head on over to the St. Tammany Rocks Local Music Festival Slidell, Louisiana facebook page.

Most of all, St. Tammany Rocks!

St. Tammany Rocks Local Music Festival Slidell is a local effort, by musicians, for music lovers. Come be a part of this effort to make sure St Tammany Rocks! If you would like to be a part of this experience in any capacity please use the contact form on this page. Vendors and Corporate Sponsors are needed to make this local music fest a success. Message us today! If you are a band, stage hand, or would like to help with general staff positions let us know too! This is a team effort. The contact form has a simple check box feature to list the areas you are interested in learning more about. In conclusion, probably the most noteworthy events like this happen as a result of people like yourself participating together.